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Shenzhen Kinghelm Electronics Co., Ltd It has obtained many invention patents and software works about Beidou, a national high-tech enterprise and a member of "China satellite navigation Association", "China Information Industry Chamber of Commerce" and "Guangdong connector Association". Its brand "kinghelm" has three series of products: Beidou GPS antenna, RF components, micro adapter, broadband data connector, connector and terminal series, as well as automobile harness, industrial connector and special customized components of military antenna.

The core team of golden beacon comes from Tsinghua University, University of Electronic Science and technology and overseas returnees, focusing on the R & D and production of modules and devices such as RF and microwave signal transmission and distribution of wireless communication products. It has obtained ISO9001 management system certification, the company's iatf16949 automotive quality system, UL and TUV qualifications of products, and RoHS and reach certification are under application.

Golden beacon entered Beidou industry at the beginning to provide supporting products and services for automobile factories shortlisted for Beidou "two passengers and one danger" project. The products include Beidou GPS antenna, RF connecting line, RF terminal, WiFi, Bluetooth, Nb IOT, Lora, ZigBee series antenna, GSM communication antenna series, RFID RF tag, RF adapter assembly, micro board end connector, national military standard RF connector, microwave section antenna, vehicle specification grade IPEX, SMA, fakra RF base, coaxial cable and other products.

With the development and growth of the company, golden beacon R & D and production of high-speed data signal transmission connectors, precision connectors, connectors and other products. Including various types of connectors such as board end, line to board, line to line, board to board and puncture, interface connectors with SIM card holder, USB C, type-C, HDMI, RJ45, PCB board connection terminal, pin, bus, plug-in, thimble, crimping terminal and other products.

Jinhangbiao Dongguan factory has many automatic production lines, including microwave anechoic chamber, network analyzer, high-speed oscilloscope, salt spray tester, high and low temperature test cabinet and other testing equipment. Undertake the customization of non-standard ceramic chip, amplifier board and antenna connector, carry out high and low temperature "double 85" test and application terminal antenna commissioning, and can customize and produce Beidou GPS antenna, industrial harness and waterproof and dustproof connector components for automobile, motorcycle and industrial medical manufacturers. The Beidou B3 military grade antenna and special connector developed and produced by jinhangbiao have won the superior Award for participating in the "military civilian integration" project, and the relevant "three military certificates" qualification application is in progress!

Home furnishing products one belt, one road, one is the Kinghelm. The products of the "golden standard" are widely used in wireless intelligent terminals, new energy vehicles, Internet of things, vehicle networking, smart city, smart home, industrial equipment, defense industry and other fields. The gold buoys are developing at an advanced speed, striving to make the greatest contribution to the social development, the strong motherland and the "one belt and one road" strategy.

Development History

  • 金航标(kinghelm)获得iso的质量管理资质

  • 金航标乔迁新居,扩大办公场所

  • 通过国家高新技术企业证书复审

  •  In December 2018, Kinghelm electronics wholly acquired the electronics business department of Lipan packaging factory.

    December 2018
  •  Won the technological innovation competition award of neural prosthesis

    July 2018
  •  And Lichuang mall hunting core network. Alibaba and other e-commerce platforms have reached strategic cooperation

    June 2018
  •  It was admitted as a senior member by China satellite navigation Association

    February 2017
  •  Obtain the computer software copyright registration certificate of the national copyright administration

    July 2016
  •  It has obtained the national high-tech enterprise and double soft certification

    June 2015
  • In 2007, Kinghelm Company was established in Shenzhen

    June 2007


  • 中国卫星导航协会-团体单位
  • 中国信息产业商会-电子元器件应用与供应链分会 -会员单位-金航标
  • 荣获中央军委科技委员会“神经义肢技术创新竞赛奖”
  • 高新技术企业证书
  • 质量管理体系认证证书GB/T 19001

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