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Sun Jiadong-academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences and chief designer of lunar exploration project

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April 8th is his birthday.

Today, he is 92 years old.

After dealing with aerospace all his life, he said: "patriotism is manifested in our love for aerospace. Loving aerospace is to succeed in the cause of aerospace, do our own things well, add strength to the country and contribute to the country."

He is the winner of the "Medal of the Republic", the "two bombs and one satellite", the senior technical consultant of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation and the academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences sun Jiadong.

On April 8, Fang Xiangming, deputy secretary of the Party group of China Aerospace Science and Technology Group Co., Ltd., came to sun Jiadong's home and sent him birthday wishes.

Fang Xiangming introduced the progress of the group company's key model tasks this year to sun Jiadong. He said that China's aerospace industry is inseparable from the efforts of the older generation of astronauts. He thanked academician sun for his outstanding contributions to the development of China's aerospace, sent a birthday card on behalf of the group company and wished academician sun a happy 92nd birthday.

Sun Jiadong said that aerospace development relies on the care of the party and the state and is the result of the joint efforts of all astronauts. He thanked the Party group of the group company for its concern and wished China's aerospace industry vigorous development.

As the witness, witness and participant of new China's aerospace industry, sun Jiadong has devoted more than 60 years to China's aerospace industry. When Fang Xiangming thanked sun Jiadong for his efforts, he said, "I really don't deserve it. Aerospace is everyone's work."

On @ the official microblog of China Aerospace Science and technology group, the majority of netizens left messages to send birthday wishes to academician sun Jiadong and wish him good health

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