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Kinghelm products of golden navigation mark start whole network marketing

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      Shenzhen jinhangbiao Electronics Co., Ltd. Beidou industryIt is a country integrating R & D, production and salesLevel high-tech and double soft certification enterprises,Senior member of "China satellite navigation Association"。 Golden beacon companykinghelm”BrandThe main products arewifiAntenna, antenna connecting lineBDSBeidouGPSAntennaTWSBluetooth headset antennaPlate end seat sub connectorOther supporting facilitiesRF and microwave connection products. In order to develop rapidly,ReadythreeThe whole network promotion plan of last month was officially launched.



Golden beaconkinghelmElectronic office environment


      Golden beaconKingelm's main methods of whole network marketing are as follows:

      kinghelmBrand operation:Using the InternetSEO optimization technology, in the shortest time, enhance the number and coverage of keywords ranking. Combined with the optimization of www.BDS666.com, WeChat's public number, Baidu know, Baidu post bar, Baidu library, golden navigation official account micro-blog and other official website's promotion of the website's customer visits, brand awareness and reputation are also optimized. The second is to do competitive ranking in Baidu, 360, Sogou, Google and other search engines to improve the conversion rate and improve the sales of golden navigation mark Beidou BDS antenna series products.

Golden beaconKingelm Beidou GPS antenna

      Layout Ecology:Golden beacon is selling wellAt the same time of GSM and 4g5g antennas, kingelm brand also cooperates with manufacturers or agents of communication modules such as Huawei, Qualcomm Broadcom MTK MediaTek, mobile, ZTE, guanghetong, Lexin and Jiutong IOT, and sells their 4G communication module, 5g communication module, WiFi module, Bluetooth module and other products with very good results.


Golden beaconKinghelm product SMA half die end seat

      Online marketing:Golden beaconBeidou of kingelm (www.bds666. Com)Positioning antennaKH1GBC-014GSucker antennaKh1c-01-xp, waterproofTransfer lineKHB80-37(11)-282.4G chili stick antenna KH - (2400) - k503-jb, RF board end seat kh-ipex-k501-29And other products in the network sales agent hunting core network(www.ichunt. com)、Lichuang mallwww.szlcsc.com, Huaqiu mall(www.hqchip. com)、Yunhan core city(www.ickey. cn)、Love purchasingwww.taoic. com)、Wanlian core city(www.hqbuy. COM), hard cities (www.allchips. Com), oneyac (www.oneyac. Com), Huaqiang electronic network (www.hqew. Com), IC trading network (www.ic. Net. CN), Alibaba 1688 (www.1688.com, Taobao Malletc.Online platformBig sale.

      The advent of the Internet era and the development of network marketing bring not only challenges but also opportunities to enterprises. Carrying out enterprise network marketing in the Internet environment has become one of the development trends of marketing business. Through product strategy, price strategy, website and search engine strategy, jinhangbiao Electronics Co., Ltd. targeted increased online customer service, provided all-round services for online consultation, and increased professional services offlineFAE engineer, provide customers with solutions to all product problems. It is believed that kingholm will make use of modern technology, catch the express train of network marketing and master the means of network marketing. It is believed that we will also bloom a brilliant color in the network world.