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Detailed explanation of advantages and characteristics of golden beacon ceramic GPS Beidou antenna

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Introduction: to enrich the company'sCeramic GPS Beidou antennaProduct types: Based on the previous development and production of 2G and 4G ceramic chip antennas, kinghelm has continuously developed new ceramic antenna products by making good use of the company's materials, equipment, kinghelm brand, agent sales channels and R & D team. The model kh-gps10104-wy antenna is now available, with a size of 10mm × 10mm × 4mm, using imported ceramic powder, high-purity silver paste and 3M viscose.

It is applicable to Boshi junction, Youwei information, kangkaisi, Meigao, Huawei Huawei, ZTE IOT and other products, as well as various small wireless communication equipment with BDS Beidou GPS navigation and positioning function as signal communication. At the same time, kh-gps 080804-wy and a series of products with different sizes and specifications are launched.


Kinghelm gold beacon kh-gps10104-wy ceramic chip antenna

 Kingholm adopts imported ceramic powder, self built ceramic sintering tunnel kiln and silver brushing slurry, and imported original materials. There are senior rf engineers returned from overseas, hardware development mold engineers, advanced network analyzer, triangular shielding box, microwave darkroom and other instruments and equipment. It has passed the ISO9001 certification. The production line has more than 10 years of experienced front-line workers, The processes such as silver paste brushing and ceramic chip debugging are strictly controlled.


Golden beacon's microwave darkroom and RF Engineer in debugging products

  The ceramic antenna product quality of golden beacon bds666 can stand the test of the market and customers. Many batches of BDS Beidou GPS dual-mode antenna products have been customized for military units and vehicle front loading supply chain. We can also customize and open private models for customers, develop, produce and debug different high-precision navigation and positioning antennas.


The test equipment of golden navigation mark company is:

Network analyzers:

Agilent 8753D 5071B

Comprehensive tester communications test set:

Agilent E5515C


 3D chamber test system:

Triangular cone shield


The technical indexes of this ceramic antenna of golden beacon are frequency range 1575.42 ± 2MHz, bandwidth 10m, gain 3.5dbi, standing wave ratio (VSWR) ≤ 1.5:1, impedance 50 , right-handed circular polarization, horizontal coverage angle 360 °, antenna axis ratio ≤ 5dB, application condition inside the machine Operating temperature (operational) - 45 ℃ ~ 75 ℃, humidity (humidity) 40% ~ 95%.


Mr. Song Shiqiang, general manager of golden beacon, said that kingelm brand will continue to produce and sell products such as ceramic GPS Beidou antenna connecting line connector board end seat, and more RF and microwave parts and intelligent terminal products will be launched. Golden beacon will gradually enter the navigation and positioning market of military Beidou B3 in the future.


Kh-emi6857-6g of kingholm detection filter of golden beacon

Golden beacon company is a national high-tech enterprise, which has passed the ISO9001 certification and is still applying for the relevant qualifications of the national military industry. There are senior rf engineers from overseas returnees, hardware development mold engineers, advanced network analyzer, microwave darkroom, salt spray test tester and other instruments and equipment. Customers are welcome to jinhangbiao electronic to customize special products such as non-standard private mode RF detection equipment and private mode connectors, so as to provide one-to-one services for customers.