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"Raise the sails of the team and cast the ship of gold navigation mark" the gold navigation mark group built a two-day tour in Huizhou

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"Raise the sails of the team, cast the ship of golden navigation mark" and build an iron army that can win the war is the goal of golden navigation mark company. On July 23-24, 2021, in order to enhance the communication and interaction between teams, please the physical and mental health of colleagues and strengthen the cultivation of team cohesion and combat effectiveness, kingholm company (www.bds666. Com) specially organized a two-day group building activity in Huizhou.




At 9 a.m. on the 23rd, the golden beacon group set out early to Huizhou. Along the way, the guide explained the historical and cultural stories about Huizhou. Everyone talked happily, interactive and funny, good stories and good scenery. The guide brother talked endlessly about Huizhou's cultural knowledge. With everyone's laughter, he soon arrived at the seafood restaurant, We ate authentic local seafood, and the official trip also kicked off after delicious seafood.



Golden beacon group built jungle cross-country picture


Our first project, off-road vehicle experience - destination, jungle off-road: use the litchi forest of the camp itself to compete in various terrain. Two people and one vehicle have 45 degree slope climbing, 180 degree drift, gravel road and many 90 degree sharp turns. Let the kinghelm team members of golden navigation mark experience the thrill of jungle cross-country. Around the curved mountain road of rock climbing, I drove full power round and round. At that moment, I felt the enthusiasm and pleasure completely released by everyone, which also confirmed our team culture: "have fun, cheer up and work hard"!


Golden beacon - Jungle off-road vehicle experience


Golden beacon - Jungle off-road vehicle experience


After experiencing the thrill of off-road vehicle experience, we continued to go to the sea kayaking project, which is a test of perseverance and a thrilling extreme challenge. Kayaking is carried out in groups of two. While experiencing the fun of boating, it can also improve the cooperation of team members in boating. Everyone gradually changes from the initial lack of coordination to the tacit understanding of cooperation, which reflects the slogan of our team building this time: "raise the sails of the team and cast the ship of gold navigation marks"! I hope our golden beacon company can lead you to poetry and distance to realize your dreams!


Experience of sailing kayaking with golden navigation mark - coach's guidance chart


Golden beacon - sea kayaking experience


After experiencing the thrill of jungle cross-country and the extreme challenge of kayaking at sea, the first day's journey ended.



Fishing at sea - group photo of golden navigation mark team on board


At 10 a.m. on the 24th, the golden beacon team started a new group building activity - fishing at sea and close contact with the sea again. Get on the fishing boat and go out to sea to fish under the leadership of local fishermen. Enjoy the customs of 100 islands. Colleagues also personally participate in fishing operations, feel the atmosphere of people and fish and enjoy the fun of harvest.


Golden beacon team - fishing at sea - Seafood harvest


In the past two years, kinghelm and Sarkozy micro slkor have developed rapidly in their respective industries. Golden beacon team management has always advocated a relaxation of the way of literature and martial arts, achieved a positive and enterprising, worked hard, but also had a peaceful attitude and learned to relax themselves, so as to make the team develop healthily. "Raising the sails of the team and casting the ship of gold navigation marks" has made our team riveted enough. Under the leadership of general manager song, our performance has reached a higher level and achieved our ultimate goal as soon as possible.


Group photo of golden navigation mark company team