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Kinghelm Beidou antenna RF connector products of golden navigation mark company are subject to benchmarking sales

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In the process of development, Shenzhen jinhangbiao Electronics Co., Ltd. has been selling to the famous Tyco in the industryTE connectivityConnectorsHiroseHRSConnector RF board end seatmolexMolex connector. Amphenol RF connectorType-C seat connectorCJTOf Changjiang connectorRF coaxial connector, antenna connecting line, ect electrical connectionPlate end seatFoxconn Foxconn line to board line to line connectorJST jieshitengConnectorsXKB xingkunConnectorUmax YoumaoConnectoretc.BenchmarkingAnd advanced natureenterpriseAnd productsLearning management/Marketing/Corporate culture, learning service, golden beacon(www.BDS666. com)Hope to becomeBeidouGPS antenna connectorCustom connectorCompetitive companies in the industry"Kingelm" will become a well-known brand in the industry, develop and produce more and better competitive products, and provide customers with high-quality products and services!



kighelmGolden beaconIPEX plate end seatBeidougpsAntenna, RF connector terminal


Connector connecting wire automobile harness military Beidou antennaFPC antennaType-C locusAnd other products are the products of golden navigation mark companyKingelm brandNew products developed in recent years have entered new industries.Connector is an indispensable part in electronic equipment. It has many kinds and a wide range of application scenarios. For example, yesIt host internal connector, host peripheral connector (I / O), equipment connector and mobile phone connector;Connectors for consumer goodsIndustrial connector, automobile connector, new energy connector, etcThe way and structure of connectors are varied according to the applicationProductsDifferent connectors are configured according to the target, frequency, output power, application scenario, etc. For example, the connectors for stadium spotlights, disk drives and ignition arrows are very different.The use of connectors isImprove the mass production efficiency, simplify the assembly process and reduce the cost of manpower and production toolsCan quickly replace failed parts, engineers in design and integrationutilizeMore flexible when components form a systemAnd other characteristics, the scope and amount of use will be larger and larger.



kighelmgoldRadio frequency connector of navigation markkhb250(rg316)-mmcx(w)-sma(sf)


Te connectivity (Tyco) (NYSE Code: Tel) is a global company, formerly known as Tyco Electronics, so it is translated into Tyco Electronics Co., Ltd., headquartered in Switzerland.


Te connectivity (Tyco) designs and manufactures more than 500000 products to connect and protect the power and data flow in various products we use every day. Nearly 100000 employees worldwide cooperate with customers from all walks of life. From consumer electronics, electricity and medical treatment, to automobiles, aerospace and communication networks, we use smarter, faster and better technologies to give products more possibilities.


Te connectivity entered China in 1989, opened its first factory in Shanghai, has more than 20000 employees in China, has established 16 production bases, and provides services to customers through sales offices in 14 cities across the country.



The energetic boss and wife of Huaqiangbei


JST (JST connector), founded in 1957, is the first manufacturing company in Japan to produce and sell solderless terminals, headquartered in Osaka, Japan.


rely onJST connectorExcellent quality and continuous innovation, JST connector always ranks among the best in the market. JST connector continues to develop in connector technology and enrich products, involving many electronic fields. Some products are leading in technology, have always maintained the top ten position in the world in the industry, and have a global production, R & D and service network.The products are rich and involve many electronic fields. Some products are leading in technology. They have always maintained the top ten position in the world in the industry, and have a global production, R & D and service network. A product manufacturing center has been established in Shanghai, China.



kighelmGolden beaconkhb60(rg316)(sf)-sma-sma(sf)


Each product of JST (JST connector) is developed to meet the needs of customers; Based on its rapid response to the market, it now has a global network including production, R & D and services, covering Europe, North America and Asia Pacific.


Cjt (Changjiang connector) is a professional electronic connector manufacturer integrating mold development, production and sales. The connectors produced by the company can be compatible with imported brand connectors from Europe, the United States and Japan, with more than 200000 compatible models. Cjt (Yangtze River connector) is widely used in consumer electronics such as automotive electronics, automotive lamps, household appliances, smart home, UAV and modern office equipment. Products from design and development, precision high-speed stamping to precision plastic injection molding, and then to product automatic assembly, all implement one-stop production.



Umaxconn YoumaoConnectorThe head office is located in Taipei, founded in 1993, is an electronic connector manufacturer with more than 20 years of technical experience. Isa 98pin slot and PCI slot in the initial stage of the product have gradually developed various connectors and special customized products, such as PCI-E, FPC, M2 and power cable.


fromIn 2006,Umaxconn YoumaoConnectorThe first factory was established in Shenzhen, China, and has been expanded to ownMore than 200 employees and a professional electronic connector manufacturing team with perfect vertical integration



kighelmGold navigation standard non-standard custom RF connectorkhb280-(rg316)-mmc(w)-sma(sf)


XKB xingkun technology is a leading service provider of standard and customized interconnection components in China.XKB xingkunConnectorAt present, it has a number of independent intellectual property rights of leading international peers. Its products are widely used and can be used in mobile, wireless communication, computers and peripherals, industry, medical fashion, life electronics, automation, instruments, consumer electronics, etc.


XKB xingkunConnectorIn providing high-quality connector solutionsMore than 20 years of success. All products are easy to design and import, and provide comprehensive resource support, such as 3D models, PCB packaging, product drawings and specifications. Chinese factories have obtained ISO9001:2008, ISO14001 and ohsha18000 certification.

Through the study of the above connector manufacturers and products,Will promoteGolden beacon companykinghelmHealthy development of brands and productsMarket impactRapid infiltration! Golden beacon will learn from more advanced companies in the industry in the future!





Golden beacon companykinghelm”BrandedConnector and other connector connecting wires automobile harness military Beidou antennaFPC antennaType-C locusAnd other products, sizeSmall, high density, light weighthaveStable contact resistance,Insulation self extinguishingFlame retardantWaterproof and anti electromagnetic radiation。 According to the needs of customers, we can also customize fire-resistant and non-standard special-shaped products, and provide military grade products according to the special scope of application, such as96 hour salt spray test, silver brushing and other processes.KInghelm connector productsWide temperature range and durabilityThe mechanical toughness has been tested by automotive products.Easy installation, simple harness assembly and easy maintenancehaveGood low engagementpowerandWithstand multiple pluggingseparate


 kighelmGold navigation standard non-standard custom RF connectorkhb200-(rg316)-mmcx-mmcx(w)


Jinhangbiao's products are sold and served by agents with channels in Huaqiangbei.Huaqiangbei is a large market with the largest trading volume of electronic components and the most complete hardware support in the world, which is the epitome of China's consumer market.Golden beaconkinghelm(www.BDS666.com)It was Hua qiangbei who came outFurther development and growthEnterprises,General manager of golden beaconSong ShiqiangsirHave a strong"Huaqiangbei" plot. We have always cherished Huaqiangbei, thanked Huaqiangbei, publicized Huaqiangbei and advocated for the development and transformation of Huaqiangbei. We have always nurtured Huaqiangbei when we have the opportunity. Here, I hope you will have time to go to Huaqiangbei to see its electronic components and the latest electrical products, the bustling flow of people and shuttling logistics, the diligence and fighting spirit of Huaqiangbei people, the ecology of Huaqiangbei and the changes with the times, the diligent boss of Huaqiangbei and the saleswoman and second-hand landlady of Huaqiangbei, We will be full of confidence in China's vast market and consumption potential!Golden beaconKingelm's antenna connectors and other products and Sacco's micro slkor's MOS field effect transistor, silicon carbide MOSFET and other power devices (www.slkormicro. Com) are selling rapidly in Huaqiangbei, hoping to provide more value to the customer's society.