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Jinhang standard Kinghelm products should be in "New Infrastructure"

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"New Foundation" is not a new concept. At the end of 2018, the Central Economic Work Conference was held at the end of 2018, it clarified 5G, artificial intelligence, big data center, industrial Internet and other "new infrastructure construction". Enter January 3, 2020, the State Council of State Council issued new infrastructure investment support policies such as information networks, and passed through this new crown epidemic, progress will also accelerate. In order to cater to market demand, Jinhang Standard Kinghelm (www.bds666.com) company is currently selling around the KH series products produced by "New Infrastructure".


Jinhang standard KINGHELM suction cup antenna KH1NB (2.4-4g) C1100-03-A3


5G base station construction:

5G construction will drive the growth of hardware requirements such as base stations, terminals, will also bring new market opportunities, antenna, PCB, RF front, electromagnetic shielding components and industrial chain related companies will receive new growth. Jinhang standard KINGHELM research and development suction cup antenna series: KH1NB (2.4-4g) C1100-03-A3, KH1NB (2.4-4g) C3140-03-A3, KH1NB (4G) C3050-03-A3, glue rod antenna series: kh - (2400) -K503-JB, KH-4G-SMA-J-157, etc. has been applied to Huawei, ZTE. The RF coaxial connector, which is developed by Jinhang standard KINGHELM, belongs to the ultra-small surface mount coaxial connector, 1.9mm or 2.3mm, or 2.4mm and other standards, with extremely wide application, can be applied to mobile phones, wireless communication Equipment, electronic measuring instruments, Beidou GPS terminal products and antenna cable, wireless local area network, Bluetooth device, and any need to use a small coaxial connector for high frequency transmission.


Jinhang standard KINGHELM board end seat KH-SMA-K513-13G


Big Data Center:

Big data is increasingly applied to intelligent manufacturing, such as RFID tags applied to the production line not only improve work efficiency, increased accuracy, but also cost savings. Jinhang label KINGHELM R %& D production RFID tag KH-RFID-23-BQ, KH-RFID-20-BQ and other models suitable for warehouse inventory item positioning, shelf positioning, coat finding positioning, libraries, file lookup positioning and other applications . Big data is not only applicable to the company and the government, but also for each of us, such as data acquired from smart watch or smart bracelets. King's CHIP ceramic antenna KH8010 can be used in smart watch, etc.


Jinhang standard Kinghelm RFID tag KH-RFID-23-BQ

Artificial intelligence:

Artificial intelligence is more extensive in the computer field. And applied in robots, intelligent security, economic politics decisions, control systems, and simulation systems. The 2.4G-5DB antenna model produced by Jinhang Standard Kinghelm is KHB-FC-015, KH1NB (2.4-4G) C3140-03-A3 is widely used in the security market. It has been applied to Changhong, Haier, Haikang Wei, auspicious, Tongle Security Company, etc.


Jinhang standard KINGHELM CHIP ceramic antenna KH8010

In addition, there are a series of construction including industrial Internet, new energy automotive charging piles, special high pressure, intercity high-speed railway and intercity rail transit, is a series of cores that drive this round.