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Kingholm product "double 11" sells well on e-commerce platform

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 this year  "Double 11"  Golden beacon  Kingelm Beidou  antenna  GPS  Antenna connecting wire connector and other products(  www.BDS666. com    It sells well on various e-commerce platforms.  Kinghelm's KH series  In Lichuang mall(  www.szlcsc. com)  Our sales are the fastest growing    Where is Lichuang mall    Double Eleven    During this period, we launched a shopping campaign  high  Reward Tesla  Tesla new energy vehicle  And a series of very influential promotions in the industry  Activities,  Driving the climax of online sales of golden navigation mark products,  The effect is very good  。 stay  "Double 11"  A few days before the event, the e-commerce sales team of golden beacon company was responsible for docking with Lichuang mall  kinghelm  of  PM communicated for many times and made full preparations for the selection of popular models and safe goods preparation. During the event, song Shiqiang, general manager of golden navigation mark company, kept in touch with Wu Bo and Zhang Yinying, deputy general managers of Lichuang Mall for many times  "Double  eleven    The smooth development of the activity and the effect of the bandit's nest are escorted.  


  Jinhangbiao kinghelm product IPEX plate end seat

      This timeDouble Eleven”Activity, golden beaconThe sales volume of kingelm's Beidou antenna wifi antenna board end connector and other products in Lichuang mall doubled (kingelm IPEX to SMA adapter line L = 80mm RG113 / five piece set, GPS / BDS external antenna rg1743m SMA, waterproof IPEX to SMA adapter line inner hole L = 65mm RG113 / six piece set / IPEX to SMA adapter line and other products were once out of stock at the selling end and need to be supplemented immediately), It also reflects the development idea that Lichuang mall has always supported domestic brands and domestic alternatives. It also enables Lichuang mall to achieve new highs in sales and new customer registration in double 11 activities. Golden navigation mark and Lichuang mall are a win-win situation.


    Radio frequency connecting cable of kinghelm product of golden navigation mark

      At the same time, the golden beaconKingelm's (www.bds666. Com) wifi antenna, Beidou antenna connector and other products are sold to network sales agents, such as hunting core network (www.ichunt. Com), Yunhan core city (www.ickey. CN) and Wanlian core city(www.hqbuy. com)Hard city(www.allchips. com), viyang mall(www.oneyac. com), Huaqiang electronic network (www.hqew. Com), IC trading network (www.ic. Net. CN), Alibaba 1688 (www.1688. Com), Jingdong Mall (www.jd. Com), pinduoduo (www.pinduoduo. Com)Offline agentWuhan Mingjia Xinyuan Technology Co., LtdAnd so on.

  Schottky diode of Sacco micro slkor product  

       Jinhangbiao Electronics Co., Ltd. wishes Lichuang mall and other e-commerce platforms to become better and better, provide a broader stage for the domestic substitution of domestic brands and create greater value! At the critical moment of the Sino US science and technology war, we will contribute to the development of the national semiconductor industry. An affiliate of golden beacon ElectronicsSlkor Sarkozy microElectronic technologywww.slkormicro. com)ofproductSiC silicon carbide diode, SiC silicon carbide MOS tube, IGBT single tube, high, medium and low voltage MOS tube, cool MOS tube, power management IC, hall hall hall element, thyristor, two triode and other series 2301, 3401, 3904, 13n50, 1N4148W, 2n7002, 78l05, 7n65, ams1117-3.3, ams1117-5.0And other products are also in Lichuang mall(www.szlcsc. com)Big sale.