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Kingholm company developed and produced 5g antenna kh-5g-smaj-131mm

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To greetWith the advent of 5g era, the R & D team of kinghelm (www.bds666. Com) has continuously developed new 5g antenna products and put them into the market on the basis of the common technologies of previous 2G and 4G antennas. Now the model isKh-5g-smaj-131mm5g antennaIn the shape of a black oar,The transfer interface of sma-j provides wireless signal transmission service for the customer's 5g intelligent terminal. It can be applied to Huawei Huawei, ZTE, Jixiang Tengda, TP-LINK and other wireless 5g routers, as well as other products using 5g as signal communicationVarious small wireless communication equipment


kinghelmGolden beacon5GantennaKH-5G-SMAJ-131MM



1、 Engineering drawings      Product Drawing      

two   .   Product specification   Product Specification  


III S11 test data


four   .   Gain and efficiency test data   :


IVReliability test report


       A.Storage environment


       When not specified, the test temperature, humidity and air pressure are as follows:

       1. The temperature is - 40 ℃ ~ 85 ℃

       2. The relative humidity is 45% - 85%

       3. The air pressure is 86kpa-106kpa

       result The electrical and mechanical properties are normal


       B.High and low temperature test


       stay5 cycles between 70 ° C and - 40 ° C, and then under normal conditions

       1-2h, check the appearance quality.

       result  The dimensions shall meet the requirements Meet mechanical and electrical performance


       C.Resistance to constant damp heattest


       relative humidity95± 3%, test temperature: 40 ℃ After 2H action,

       After taking out the test objectThe electrical performance shall be measured within 5min, and the test object shall be in normal condition

       Under piece1-2h, check the appearance quality


       result  The dimensions shall meet the requirementsMeet mechanical and electrical performance



       D.vibration test


       Vibration frequency range10-55hz, displacement amplitude: 0.35mm, acceleration amplitude:

       50.0m/s, frequency sweep cycles: 30 times

       result  Appearance, sizeThe electrical and mechanical properties are normal


       F.Drop test

       Free fall for 3 times in the direction of mutually perpendicular axes at 1m altitude

       result  Appearance, sizeThe electrical and mechanical properties are normal



ViTest equipment and principle


       1. Test equipment:

       network analyzerNetwork Analyzers :

       Agilent 8753D 5071B

       Comprehensive test instrumentCommunications Test Set:

       Agilent E5515C

       3D chamber test system:


       2. See the following system diagram for the principle:



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