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Golden beacon kinghelm company launched high-performance bipolar Viva 6G antenna group kh6g-0h-08 (dpva)

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Golden beaconKinghelm (www.bds666. Com) has continuously developed new antenna products and put them into the marketAnd microwaveFilter matched with darkroom shielding boxKH-EMI6857-6GAfter that, it was launched againHigh performance bipolar Vivaldi6GantennaKH6G-0H-08(DPVA)。


Golden beaconkinghelmHigh performance bipolar Vivaldi6GantennagroupKH6G-0H-08(DPVA)

one.major functionAndScope of application:

Kinghel's 6gantennagroupKh6g-0h-08 (dpva) yesWidely applicable to5g / 6G mobile phonetest, BluetoothWIFIData card and other wireless communication products,And the Big DipperBDS/GPSDigital broadcastingAutomobile remote controlRFIDTPRSZigBeeUWBWiMaxResearch and development, production, quality inspection, experiment and Certification Department test of LTE and various small wireless communication equipment, and inuseradio frequencyantennaOTA coupling testinuse



 two  .kinghelm  6G  antenna  group  KH6G-0H-08(DPVA)  Performance index:
 Overall dimensions:  (L) 95 x (W)86  x (H) 1 mm
 Surface color: Red     colour
 heavy  Dosage: About 30g
 VSWR<1. 2@1000MHZ ~6000MHz



Golden beaconkingheLM (www.bds666. Com)This filterKH-EMI6857-6GkinghelmHigh performance bipolar Vivaldi6GantennagroupKH6G-0H-08(DPVA)And other new products can be benchmarked with those of South KoreaProducts of tescom (www.tescom. Co.kr),takeIn Lichuang mall(www.szlcsc. com)Initial sales.With the golden beaconWifi antennaGPS antennaBeidou antenna connecting line connectorPlate end seatType C connectorOther products, will beIn network agent hunting core network(www.ichunt. COM), Yunhan core city (www.ickey. CN), Wanlian core city (www.hqbuy. Com), hard city (www.allchips. Com), Weixiang Mall (www.oneyac. Com), Huaqiang electronic network (www.hqew. Com), IC trading network (www.ic. Net. CN), Alibaba 1688 (www.1688. Com), Jingdong Mall (www.jd. Com), pinduoduo (www.pinduoduo. Com) The offline agent Wuhan Mingjia Xinyuan Technology Co., Ltd. sells well.


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