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Gold beacon Beidou B3 frequency point high-precision military grade antenna sold well

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       Shenzhen jinhangbiao Electronics Co., Ltd(www.BDS666. com)Since entering the Beidou industry, it has been intensively cultivated in the subdivided industry of Beidou antenna connecting line. Accumulate common application technologies such as microwave and RF, build the technology development and customer service team of golden navigation mark company, and equip relevant production and testing instruments and equipment,BDSBeidouGPSPrecipitation and Beidou of antenna knowledge engineeringgpsThe R & D of new products such as antenna connectors has been continuously invested.


Golden beacon Beidou antenna Laboratory


       Golden beaconkinghelm”Beidou special for R & D and productionb3Frequency point(one thousand two hundred and sixty-eight point five two±10.23MHz)Series of high-precision military grade antennas, including military missile borne antenna and high-precision antennaRTKAntenna, special UAV antenna, motor vehicle driver examination antenna, modern agricultural high-precision geographic mapping antenna and other products. At present, golden beacon Beidoub3Frequency point antenna(one thousand two hundred and sixty-eight point five two±10.23MHz)The market share of products is far ahead in the industry.


       With China's BeidouthreeThe successful networking of satellite and BeidouBDSThe function debugging of the system is becoming more and more mature, BeidouBDSThe application of is more and more extensive,The sales of Beidou antenna connecting line of golden beacon also increased significantly. Golden beacon has grasped the general trend of the development of the times, developed together with the strength of the country and expanded with the development of Beidou industry. Golden beacon for Beidoub3Frequency band(one thousand two hundred and sixty-eight point five two±10.23MHzThe developed antenna connector series products are also selling well, bringing good benefits to the golden beacon.



           Beidou customized by golden beaconB3Frequency point multilayer ceramic antenna


       The technical team of golden beacon company is a RF Engineer with many years of experience in antenna design and commissioning. Several technical backbones and the worldfive hundredWork experience of technical executives in strong enterprises. The golden beacon laboratory is equipped with a number of the latest Agilent6gNetwork analyzer, microwave far-field darkroom and other equipment, salt spray tester, plug-in tester, etc.


       Golden beaconkinghelmThe software and hardware engineers and business service personnel of the team have received professional and strict training, maintained very smooth communication with outsourcing enterprises upstream of the supply chain, and have the technical processing ability of high-precision antenna products, as well as the customer relationship communication skills and coordination ability with large projects.



The RF Engineer of golden beacon is debugging BeidouB3Antenna parameters


       In the process of serving military customers for many years, golden beaconkinghelmThe key customer team has explored and summarized the organization and management experience of closed-loop information, special personnel to watch everything, strict and detailed project process management, deep details of technical nodes, small cycle of process with large cycle, and subsequent resumption, as well as the excellent style of being good at fighting hard battles and winning battles.


Beidou customized by golden beaconB3Four wall spiral high frequency plate antenna


       Golden beaconkinghelmThe specially customized Beidou antenna connector, non coordinate sub and other products for large customers are very mature in terms of delivery date, quality management, technical optimization, batch product consistency, business services, as well as coordination and cooperation with other divisional units and missile body units. The key customer team of golden navigation mark is a team with excellent equipment, strong support, tenacious style and ability to win the war.


Golden beaconkinghelmCustomized BeidouB3Dual frequency ceramic antenna


       In the technical link, in order to meet the technical requirements of special customized products, the golden navigation mark team is customizing Beidou non-standard ceramic chips and designing low-noise amplifierspcbaDuring active and passive debugging, the antenna gain parameters are adjusted and the non-standard connector is nickel platedninety-sixIn the links of 24-hour salt spray test and low elevation data debugging, the golden beacon colleagues strive for perfection and are not afraid of trouble. General manager song Shiqiang did it himselftwenty-fourFollow up 24 hours a day. In the aspects of machining, glue filling, assembly and testing, general manager song Shiqiang asked the key customer team of golden navigation mark to follow up the whole process and connect the upstream and downstream related to the supply chain.



Beidou customized by golden beaconB3antenna


       Golden beacon company(www.bds666. com)We sincerely hope that Beidou peers and end customers of Beidou antenna connecting wires and other products will cooperate more, give more opportunities to golden beacon company, and letkinghelmBrand antenna connector products have made positive contributions to the development of Beidou in China.