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Song Shiqiang talks about Beidou industrialization

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The Beidou Antenna is my country's strategic industry, and the Beidou chip is the core components. It will occupy a very important position in the aerospace, military and future consumer electronics and mobile terminals. It plays an important support for the development of industries such as Beidou and even information, which will become an increase in economic development.


As a member of the Beidou Industry Chain, how does the Jinhang standard company position their coordinates in the industry? How to borrow the company to find the company to point to the new goal? We have some thinking about the development of the Understanding of the Beidou Industry.


Shenzhen Jinhang Standard Electronics Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the development of Beidou Industrialization. Jinhang standard gradually developed from the module, antenna of the agent Beidou product, and provides customers with the specialized series of electronic components for the Beidou products dominated by independent brand "Kingkelm%% Such as Beidou Orientation, Navigation, Signal Transmission, etc., Beidou GPS antenna connection line connector custom communication antenna seater, etc. The Ministry of Communications "two passengers%% And in Beidou Monitor the Anti-theft and BDS666 network wisdom cloud layout, to Soft and innovative national high-tech enterprises. Jinhang standard Kinghelm brand has a high reputation and reputation in the Beidou industry.



The Beidou Chip is the most basic and core of the Beidou industry chain, the autonomy of the Beidou chip determines the success or failure of the Beidou industry. We are at this stage of Beidou chip (two pieces of radio frequency and baseband) and modules, and there is still a certain gap between the international same type of products. Mainly reflected in the development and production capacity of the chip. In the development of chips, due to late start, technology and talented reserves, the market is not large, there is no advantage, this market is also controlled by company MTK, Bo Tong Qi. The production level of the chip wafer is also a bottleneck. Now foreign companies can do 14 nanometers, Taiwan can do 28 nm, and is still 40 nm in China. The functional gap of the product is mainly manifested in: First, the power consumption is large, the second, the volume is large, the third, and the accuracy is poor.US SIRF, Switzerland Ublox and Taiwan Union (MTK) are better than domestic enterprise technology. We are constantly learning and integrating advanced technology outside the country. I believe that after three to five years of efforts, the gap will be less and smaller. There is government policy support and the broad market prospects, technology and talents slowlyepize, will be thick and thin, is the fertile soil of our Beidou Development.




  In the field of consumer electronics applications, the current application is the smartphone, and wearable products will also break out. The development of the Beidou industry is also improved, power consumption, volume and other technical indicators, price decline, the mass consumer goods is quite sensitive to the price. To make consumers more adapt to and accept Beidou, a good experience is king. Our agent of aerospace is in contact with a large mobile phone manufacturer, ready to apply Beidou chip to mobile phone, and research and development is now almost done. Of course, this also requires further promotion of government and society, and also look forward to the maturity of markets and technologies. At present, consumer electronics are not very strict on navigation positioning, and some are only concepts or heads. But with the improvement of product quality, the user experience is getting better and better, is when sales.


Beidou / GPS antenna - external antenna


The Beidou Industry is an emerging industry, and the US GPS is very mature. If Beidou is going to world and GPS to compete, it must be supported by national policies. It is not only related to national defense safety and nationals, and more aspects of the lives of ordinary people, who left the country's support, it is likely to be killed in the cradle by the brand of foreign brands. It is said that "some policies on promoting the development of the Beidou Satellite Navigation Industry" are approval by procedure, one of which will support 200 million consumer electronics terminals to apply Beidou satellite navigation, and support financial, electric power.Transportation as an important field promotion promotion of Beidou Civilized Pilot, since the Demonstration Project of the Ministry of Transport in 2013, the Beidou Car terminal gradually entered different types of vehicles such as bus, rental, official, school bus. In the future, location-based advertising, social, security, etc. will become an important service content for mobile Internet. In terms of electricity market, Beidou is mainly used for a timing. If the accuracy of the Beidou chip can improve, it will have a large market in power grid, because China's electricity market is also the world, and it can be.


Beidou / GPS antenna - ceramic built-in antenna


  The law is like this, and the development of major technology must go to the government to promote the military, mutual support and promotion of the road, and ultimately promote the development of society. Many civil technology are driven by military technologies, through military and private use, mutual support, mutual confidence, mutual promotion. In addition to transportation, wearable devices and mobile phones are also gradually using Beidou, more and more people accept and support Beidou, and technology is increasingly maturing. The development of Beidou will also promote the development of relevant national defense technology. The rich country is strong, and is the sacred mission of Beidou.