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Golden navigation mark company develops kinghelm new product series type-C SMA interface, etc

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Jinhang State Company (www.bds666.com) has been developing in Beidou GPS antenna automotive antenna car harness connector, Kinghelm brand antenna connection line products are supplied in large quantities of BYD cars, Nanjing Jinlong bus, Xiaopeng.


Jinhang standard factory in the processing Beidou GPS antenna SMA connector

Mr. Song Shiqiang, General Manager, General Manager, said that the development of corporate development is not refunded, in order to adapt to Beidou GPS antenna industry and social development, Jinhang standard is based on the foundation of the previous Beidou GPS antenna harness radio connector USB product On the original factory, mechanical equipment testing instrument, and technical skilled workers' staff, the SMA connector, SMA terminal, IPEX seat connector, microwave RF antenna cable, TPYE-C Interface data transmission connector, row mother, pin holder connector, 3C class digital product HDMI interface, data transmission VGA interface and other products.

TYPE-C interface-KH-TYPE-C-L10-6P connector 

With the development of communication technology technology such as 5G millimeter wave, let the equipment and terminal wirelessly connected communication antenna positioning navigation Beidou GPS antenna products will also send a large use, the Internet of Things Tannimin Industrial Internet and other industries will explode, these are not Open information and data transmission, these intelligent hardware should be used to Beidou GPS antenna cable and radio frequency connector USB connector, pin connector, reuniter connector, HDM data interface, VGA interface and other products. The "Wan Library" era is willing to explode, and the King's Kinghelm is ready.

Jinhang standard Kinghelm factory

Kinghelm's Beidou GPS antenna and other products and the Slkor brand products of Zabo Micro (www.slkormic ero.com) provide customers with quality products and meticulous services. Sarko Micro provides customers with field effect tube MOS tube, LDO power management IC, AC / DC, silicon carbide MOS tube, IGBT, thyristor, ESD diode, TVS diode, Hall Hall element, Schottky diode, triode, etc. product.

  "Kinghelm" trademark is registered by Jinhang standard, with very high popularity and reputation, and the research and development of products are widely used in satellite navigation positioning. Mainly include: RJ45-RJ45 interface - connector - RF connector - Tuning - Coaxial connector - TYPE-C interface - TYPE-C-pin - Row mother-SMA-FPC-FFC-Waterproof joint - HDMI-HDMI Interface - OSB Connector - Terminal - Terminal - Terminal Board - Wiring Terminal - Terminal Row - RFID - Location Navigation Anti - Communication Antenna - Antenna Connection Line - Glue Rod Antenna - Suction Antenna - 433 Antenna-4G Antenna - Beidou Expert - GPS antenna and other factory direct sales - Welcome to contact customer service or contact online.