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Golden beacon electronics entered the supply chain of heavy truck and cooperated deeply with Lichuang mall

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       Shenzhen jinhangbiao Electronics Co., LtdCompetitive enterprises in Beidou industry are national level enterprisesHigh tech and dual soft certification enterprises, takehave toYesISO9000Quality management certification(No.:04617Q13625ROS)AndShenzhen Citymilitary projectenterpriseFiling qualificationR & D and productionkinghelm”SeriesBeidou satellitelocationNavigationHardware products,andwisdomInternet of thingsplatformwww.BDS666.com, it is a leading enterprise in the development of Beidou's software and hardware.


Good news came recently. After several years of efforts,Shenzhen jinhangbiao Electronics Co., Ltd. has become a qualified enterprise of China Heavy Truck Groupsecond levelSupplier, enterVery high thresholdSinotruk supply chainSystem.“Kinghelm”Brand Beidou/GPSModule, Beidou/GPSantenna, company/Adapter linePlate end, etcIt has been applied to heavy truck products in large quantities. Under the guidance of Beidou products, the heavy vehicle Mercedes Benz all over the world. The golden navigation mark has made a contribution to China's Beidou products going out of China and serving the world!


       kinghelmBeidou/GPSDual mode moduleKH-1612-UB8X

       Merit     Can:Positioning and receiving satellite signals,Then convert it to the location information recognized by your terminal device


       special     Point: small volume, high accuracySimultaneous supportbd2 b1andgpsloneTwo frequency points, parallel doublethirty-twoChannel; standardnmea0183Data output, data refresh rate is1hz


       Scope of application:It is widely used in shipping, highway traffic, on-board monitoring, on-board navigation, handheld and item tracking.


      Beidou / GPS module       KH-1612-UB8X       Pin diagram  



       Merit    Yes: the receiving antenna is used to receive and forward the navigation signal, convert the wireless navigation signal into an electrical signal and transmit it to the terminal equipment.


       special    Point: convenient, compact and portable. There is a disk or at the bottom of the antenna3MAdhesive, small volume, light weight, easy installation, economical and practical. The phase center with high stability provides flexible antenna installation and placement.


       Scope of application: all kinds of navigation location velocity measurement


Drawing No. of SINOTRUK group is:WG9918788074/1,labelIDThe number is:37.1.00042


       KinghelmRF cableKH-B80

       Merit    Energy: transmit RF( RF )signal,Provide shielding protection against electromagnetic interference.


       special    Point: it can transmit a wide frequency band, high defense against external interference, small antenna effect, small radiation loss, simple structure, convenient installation, economy and practicality.


       Scope of application: Communication Security Car.



Golden beacon companykinghelm”Brand module antenna products also include: G-mouseInternet of things integrated module, ceramic antenna, rubber rod antenna, shark fin antenna(4close1)It is widely used in security monitoring, "two passengers and one danger" vehicles, operation platform and vehicle networkingT-BOX,OBDAnd other products, andwww.BDS666. comThe combination of smart platforms provides customers with efficient and thoughtful services.


Golden beacon company“kinghelm”After the launch of series Beidou module antenna products in Lichuang mall, customers respondedQuiteOK, sales are rising.In ShenzhenLichuang mallwww.szlcsc. com)Above, you can sayGolden beacon can communicate face-to-face with millions of registered engineers and provide fast and direct services for by using the Lichuang platform.Song Shiqiang, general manager of golden beacon, said,yesWeOriginal factory promotionNew brandFor new products,Li ChuangIt's very goodPlatforms and channels.From R & DpurchaseFrom the perspective of engineers, shanglichuang mall can understand new information, see new products, learn new knowledge, and buy complete goods in one stopfourThe delivery can be delivered in one hour and one day. The experience effect is very good。 This is Lichuang Mall for colleaguescreateIs also the reason for the rapid development in the past two years!

Mr. Song Shiqiang, general manager of golden beacon company, and Ms. Zhang Ying, deputy general manager of Lichuang mall

Hope golden beaconkinghelmHelichuang mallwww.szlcsc. comOur cooperation is getting deeper and deeper and our development is getting better and better!