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Kingholm is looking for agents

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Shenzhen jinhangbiao Electronics Co., Ltd. was established intwo thousand and sevenIn, it was a national high-tech and dual soft certification enterprise and a senior member of "China satellite navigation Association"ISO900104617Q13625ROS)The quality management certification system is being improvedIATF16949Automobile quality management system.Mainly engaged in BeidouResearch and development of GPS satellite navigation and IOT terminal hardwareProvide intelligent platform scheme for production, sales and logistics information.


Golden beaconkinghelmCivil military integrationaward certificate

Golden beaconLaunched"Kingelm" brand seriesBeidou antennaGPSAntenna, etcproductWidely used in satelliteslocationNavigation, Internet of things, smart city, new infrastructure and new energy vehicles, logistics information monitoring and settlement, etc.www.BDS666. Com information system platform, combined with kinghelm Series RF HARDWARE (wifi antenna, antenna connecting line, Beidou GPS antenna, RFID tag, ceramic patch antenna), etcAt present, in order to further develop the domestic market, the company is now looking for agents all over the country.

Golden beaconkinghelmLocated in Tangxia, Dongguanfactory

onecompanycondition: ProfessionalripeSales team,Pioneering spirit。 For RF and microwaveAnd related technologiesAnd other products,canEnough to help golden beaconcompanyconductProduct sales,Can provide services to customers

twomarketRangeBeidou:GPSTerminalMobile intelligent terminal. on boardPositioning and navigation, industrial communication, intelligent information, smart city, new energy vehiclesAnd other relevant customer channels.

Golden beaconkinghelmConnecting wire of Beidou antenna module supplied by sinotrukProduct drawing

threeCooperation mode:AndGolden beaconkinghelmcompanyformationLong term stabilityofStrategic developmentRelationship. Golden beacon can be an agentCan provide a full range oftechnologyTraining, brand supportI. business support。 For those who achieve the expected performance of golden navigation mark,Will haveThe share award of jinhangbiao company (jinhangbiao has been invested by the fund leaders of Tsinghua Department).

fourCooperation advantage: Golden beaconkinghelmThe brand has high popularity and good reputation in the industry. perfect management. excellent qualityComplete qualificationproductmarketLarge capacityLarge profit margins,alsotwentyRapid development in. Golden beaconkinghelmThe Beidou antenna module has been supplied to SINOTRUK, Nanjing Ford and Nanjing Jinlong for a long time. The newly developed new energy battery connection line has been imported into Daewoo by Korean agents. Our agent Chengdu Yixin technology has introduced the pepper antenna of golden beacon into Changhong Technology Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen ruicai Electronic Technology Co., Ltd4GedgeWiFiThe antenna is supplied by CRRC in Zhuzhou(www.bds666. com/page37)。


Golden beaconkinghelmSome productsApplication diagram

Shenzhen jinhangbiao Electronics Co., LtdHope to develop with you, interested pleaseCall:0755eighty-three million forty-four thousand three hundred and nineteenMobile wechat synchronizationthirteen billion sixty-six million nine hundred and sixty-three thousand three hundred and onePresident Cheng.Details entryWWW.BDS666. COM